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WebHare 4.29

4.29 - 2020-07-28

Incompatibilities and deprecations

  • The (partly broken, if the key wast too short) Encrypt_Blowfish and Decrypt_Blowfish funtions have been removed.
    The algorithm is still accessible through %Encrypt and %Decrypt (if you use algorithm bf-ecb) but you should generally avoid ECB in crypto.
  • A HareScript Tollium test will now fail if it found missing tids during execution. If you are explicitly testing for missing tids, you should
    clear those tids from controller->missingtids.
  • The default TLS cipher suite has been updated. If you encounter connection difficulties, this was the previous OpenSSL cipher list:
  • <list rowselect> (ignored since 4.03) will now be deprecated and return warnings/throw if changed
  • <button isdefault> was already deprecated and will now return warnings if used
  • EnsureEntity's automatic key determination was found to be confusing, so its syntax has been reworked to require explicit
    specification of the key. EnsureEntity(required, ifnew) should be rewritten as EnsureEntity(required, [ entitykey := STRING[ ... ], ifnew := ... ])
    where entitykey is the list of fields which serve as the unique key. This will be backported to 4.28.2 and future versions of WebHare may
    throw an exception when using the ‘old’ syntax.
  • The deprecated libraries in system/js/dom/ now start warning more aggressively about their impending removal
  • <acceptdrops> in <xs:appinfo> blocks should be replaced with <acceptdropsparser> in 4.29. Accepting acceptdropsparser
    has also been backported to 4.28.2.
  • system:openas no longer implies system:manageunits. If you intend for users with ‘open as’ rights to have full rights to
    manage that unit (and its users and roles) you should explicitly assign it
  • The escape hatch __wrdauth_allow_requestless_login for using WRDAauth webdesign plugins outside a request has been removed
  • The usefromlanguage feature in language files has been removed

Things that are nice to know

  • The testframework added %TTLaunchStartedApp as a clean way to wait for applications to start
  • QueueMailInWork has an option ignorerecipientwhitelist to ignore the email recipient whitelist
  • WRD Password resets (including WebHare itself) will ignore the email recipient whitelist
  • %Job::GetConsoleExitCode now returns -1 if the job crashed
  • RunScreen and screen references with a modern namespace (mod::, inline::, inline-base64::) whose filenames end in .xml
    can now omit the #hash part to reference the first screen in the file (just like WebHare 3 allowed, but less ambiguous)
  • The ‘placeholder’ option in a <select> is now marked with data-wh-placeholder by the form rendering (backported to 4.28.1)
  • Forms now always scroll to the formtop (the <form> node) when jumping between pages. Or more specifically, they jump to the
    first .wh-anchor node which is generally inserted during rendering or at form construction. We now recommend starting custom
    forms with [form.formprologue]. (backported to 4.28.2)
  • Standard forms (and updated custom forms) will now have <a class="wh-anchhor"></a><div class="wh-form__prologue"></div> injected
    into their top. We recommend using the wh-form__prologue for injecting any elements that should be at the top of the form. (backported to 4.28.2)
  • <sitesettings> can match sites limited by their output URL by settings a webrootregex (backported to 4.28.2)
  • LimitUTF8Bytes now accepts an optional third argument containing a string to add if it had to truncate. If you supply an ellipsis as
    the third parameter ("…", thats ALT-: for Mac folks) this makes this function work like UCTruncate but counting bytes rather than codepoints.
  • WidgetBase::EmbedComponent allows you to override the Witty component to use
  • The RTE now supports keyboard combos to select styles. Eg Cmd+Alt+1 to select Heading 1, (Ctrl+Alt+1 on Windows), Cmd+Alt+7 to select a list or Cmd+Alt+0 for “Normal”,
    or more precisely, the first style with containertag “P”. If you have multiple styles with the same container tag, the keyboard shortcut will cycle through them.

Things you should do

  • Creating foreign folders in the WebHare Backend site for CI tests is not recommended. Please switch to SetupSiteTestOutput
    for your CI tests (this API has been backported to 4.28.1)