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WebHare 4.24

4.24 (2019-07-04)

Incompatibilities and deprecations

  • XML entity support has been disabled in %ParseXMLWithCallbacks and %ParseHTMLAsXMLWithCallbacks interfaces. It was already
    disabled elsewhere
  • %DecodeValue now only decodes entities and doesn’t attempt to strip HTML tags like %DecodeHTML does.
  • %WebDesignBase::languagecode can no longer be set and will automatically follow the %GetTidLanguage language code
  • %WebDesign::RenderWidgetInstance will now enforce the structure on instance data recursively. This may break if you
    use this function and weren’t consistent in the data types you were passing to the widget.
  • %WebDesignBase::languagecode can no longer be set and will automatically follow the %GetTidLanguage language code
  • The fallback parameter of %ParseXSBoolean has been removed.
  • Passing TRUE to %IsAbsoluteURL for the ‘slash is root’ option was confusing and is no longer supported. IsAbsoluteURL
    now always expects the second parameter to be FALSE. The parameter has been made optional and may be removed entirely
    in the future.
  • Setting the designroot/imgroot pageconfig variables (common when converting old designs) triggers a lot of obscure bugs
    in webdesign.whlib (they will be used to build paths to assets). This will now be blocked.
  • Screenshots are now generated by headless chrome instead of phantomjs. Phantomjs has been removed. Users of phantomjs.whlib
    should switch to %GenerateBrowserScreenshot - phantomjs.whlib will be removed in the future.
  • The defaultrequire option for %CQParseUserQuery is replaced by a querymode option, which can have the values "AND" or
    "OR". The default for defaultrequire was to do an OR search, but the default value for querymode is "AND". If you
    still want to do OR searches, set the querymode option to "OR". If the defaultrequire option was set to
    require_required, you can safely remove the defaultrequire option (it will be removed in a future version).
  • %RunWittyTestDialog no longer supports the wkhtmltopdf engine
  • The readonly WRD_SALUTATION field (only available in WRD_PERSON) has been removed
  • %FormatAddress will now fixup zips in Dutch addreses, and properly insert two spaces between zip and city
  • %FixupAddress will no longer clear invalid ZIP codes - they’re either normalized or left alone

Things you should do

Things that are nice to know

  • nodejs has been upgraded to version 12
  • The DBA application has been added and allows you to directly update all database structures to match their moduledefinitions - this used to require (partial) soft resets
  • <textedit> now has prefix and suffix properties to add readonly text around the input field
  • Adds background support (pdfbackground field) to %RunWittyTestDialog
  • The testframework will implicitly set the test user to the first defined user (removing the need for a lot of testfw->SetTestUser("sysop") calls)
  • WRDEntity::DuplicateEntity to (recursively) clone existing entities