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Postgres and 4.27 release candidate

WebHare 4.27 is nearly done - please check the upcoming release notes at: https://gitlab.com/webhare/platform/blob/rc/4.27/whtree/modules/system/doc/topics/changelogs/4.27.md

This will be the first version to support the PostgreSQL database. New installations will still be set up using WebHare’s own database server (WHDB), but we recommend switching development and test systems ASAP and test now to shake out any performance issues. See https://www.webhare.dev/manuals/database-management/migrating-existing-server/ for more information about the migration.

A future version of WebHare will drop support for the current (then old) database format and only support PostgreSQL to allow for more optimizations and features without having to worry about the WHDB server having to catch up.

Feel free to post any questions about 4.27 or the migrations here!