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Outdated version of this webpage

What should one do when encountering this:

And a browser restart & cache clear doesn’t help?

Maybe this error gives a hint?

Check wh assetpacks list if the tollium:webinterface package is recompiled

Nope, shows an error.

wh assetpacks rebuild tollium:webinterface


You need to recompile sass. Isn’t the crash mentioned in the console/service manager log too ?

my experience is that the console is usually screaming the same errors as rebuild would report after a node.js update

Not really sure what ‘the’ solution was, but what seems to have fixed it:

cd ~/projects/webhare/whtree
npm rebuild node-sass
wh assetpacks rebuild tollium:webinterface

And enabling Enable output debugmode at http://localhost:8000/.publisher/debug/.