WebHare community

Open Source 'soft' launch

We’ve done a “soft launch” of an open source WebHare. We haven’t started updating our own sites yet (except for a few URLs/repository locations on webhare.dev)

Versions 4.27 and up will be open source and be built from the public repository at http://gitlab.com/webhare/platform/ - docker builds will be at https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/webhare/platform

If you are still using webhare/webhare-core docker images or the webhare repository at gitlab.webhare.com, please switch to the new locations. Note that the versions below 4.27 aren’t open source and should not be distributed (mostly because there may still be personal data in the git histories)

Version 4.26 and below will remain available at the current locations

Community support will still be on this forum. New WebHare isues should now be posted to http://gitlab.com/webhare/platform/