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In https://www.webhare.dev/reference/changelogs/4.17, I’m reading:

Add <customfield> to Forms for easier 'one-off' specialized fields without requiring XSDs

But how to use this? Any example code available? And can this be used for easier question types (as in https://www.webhare.dev/reference/forms/custom-question-types, but easier), or is meant for custom forms?

The tests do it like this

    OBJECT tsfield2 := formpage->AppendComponent("customfield");

so it should be <customfield name="xxx" fieldobject="...">

you’d use it in webtool forms as a “there’s some magic here, don’t touch this question’s contents as i don’t want to implement a tabsextension” just like customhandler

I’m not sure it’s that useful in custom forms.