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4.27 released

4.27 - 2020-01-22

Incompatibilities and deprecations

  • PLEASE NOTE: WebHare 4.26 is NOT skippable. You must upgrade to 4.26 before upgrading to 4.27
  • We no longer create /webhare-moduledata/ in WHFS - modules should use /webhare-private/.
    • Note that 4.26 added %OpenWHFSPrivateFolder to find your module’s private folder and ensures that this folder is always
  • Support for mixed-case webserver output has been removed. Lowercase output paths are enforced for all servers
  • Support for editcomponent= on widget types has been removed.
  • We no longer generate wh-rtd__anchor classes, only wh-anchor (a few previous versions generated both for the transition phase)
  • The google substitution module has been removed. If you had an old or empty version of it, you may still need to wh module rm google
    to completely remove it. You may also need to drop the google schema in the database
  • tolliumcontroller->debug and ScreenBase::debug have been removed
  • Support for bower has been dropped.
  • StartPreciseTimer, StopPreciseTimer and GetUnixExtendedTimestamp have been removed. Use %GetUnixTimestampMsecs
    • GetUnixTimestampMsecs(GetCurrentDatetime()) gives you an INTEGER64 contaning the current number of msecs.
  • Accessing registry keys starting with system.modules. or modules. will now trigger an error on development servers.
  • Old registry APIs have been removed:
    • The freestanding SetRegistryKey and GetRegistryKey (which accepted a role id) have been removed. This does not affect the TolliumUser registry APIs.
    • ReadModuleRegistryKey and WriteModuleRegistryKey have been removed.
  • Potential WHDB/Postgres compatibility issues:
    • Role APIs GetWHDBRoleId and IsWHDBRoleEnabled have been removed.
    • MakeWHDBAutoNumber was already deprecated, and is now removed. Switch to %MakeAutonumber.
    • All other WHDB APIs have been marked for deprecation as relying on anything from wh::dbase/whdb.whlib is unsafe now.
    • Old SSHA1-hashed passwords with binary data in WRD are converted to base64. These passwords cannot be checked anymore by older
      WebHare versions (eg if you migrate WRD data to an older version)
  • %IsValidUTF8 has been aligned more closely with PostgreSQL and now always rejects NUL (\0) bytes and surrogate pairs.
  • The legacy image cache (GetCachedRemoteDataURL and GetCachedRemoteImgURL) has been removed.
  • wkhtmltopdf and qpdf have been removed
  • WRDLegacyType::GetDomVals now throws on test and development servers and should be replaced with ListDomVals
  • The WebHare usermanagement schema has been renamed to system:usermgmt
  • %EncodeHTML and %EncodeTextNodeValue will now filter out characters in the 128-159 range (ie the UNICODE C1 controls)
  • Error handlers now look at the exact file/folder’s <webdesign> settings to determine supportserrors and supportsaccessdenied
    instead of the site’s root. This shouldn’t affect you unless you apply <webdesign> settings very specifically.
  • Siteprofile <webdesign> nodes no longer accept supportedlanguages= - you should set it on the <assetpack> in the module definition.
  • WRDType::GetBulkFields has been removed - use WRDType::Enrich.
  • All APIs for setting and getting entity values at a specified point in time have been removed. These are among others
    GetEntitiesFieldsAt, GetEntityFieldAt, GetEntityModificationDates in the legacy WRD type object, UpdateFieldsAt,
    UpdateFieldsAt2, GetModificationDates, GetEntityFieldsAt in legacy WRD entity object and CreateEntityAt,
    UpdateEntityAt and StoreEntityAt in the tollium WRD entity composition.
  • Some experimental and obsolete flash-related filetypes have been removed.
  • <sitelanguage getlanguagefunction> introduced in 4.20 didn’t seem that useful after all and has been removed.
  • widgettypes using editfragment= are not properly initialized and this may break some components (such as the rewritten <p:intextlink>).
    you should switch to editextension= (available since 4.23)
  • WebdesignBase::GetcachableSiteconfig has been removed, use WebdesignBase::GetCacheableSiteConfig
  • It’s no longer accepted to specify a <webdesign objectname=> without a library= (unless the objectname is a (relative) path, ie it contains a #)
  • User management no longer allows users in the root unit. This has the following consequences:
    • The WHUSER_UNIT in the system usermgmt schema site now required.
    • The testramework will not setup a userapi for the testschema unless wrdauth := TRUE is explicitly set as a test option.
    • wrdauth := TRUE is automatically set if the test created testusers or testroles.
    • You’ll need to pass a WHUSER_UNIT in tests if wrdauth is enabled for the test schema. Use testfw->testunit (testunit will be backported to 4.26)
    • Any users, units and roles in deleted units will be moved to an automatically created “Lost & found” unit.
  • runmodel, deprecated since 4.03, has finally been removed
  • TollumWRDEntity::fields was broken since the 2017 API but hardly ever used (as it wasn’t noticed yet). It has been removed, replace its use
    with GetComposedCellnames()

Things that are nice to know

  • Fixes a bug causing images to be deleted if they were added from the publisher and their original was deleted
  • WebDesignBase and WidetBase now offer GetRTDBody which wraps OpenRTD and RenderAllObjects in a witty friendly way (by returning
    a default value when the document is empty). This allows you to replace the pattern
    RecordExists(richdoc) ? PTR webdesign->OpenRTD(richdoc)->RenderAllObjects : DEFAULT MACRO PTR with just webdesign->GetRTDBody(richdoc)
  • %RequireHTTPLogin adds a simple way to protect pages with basic HTTP authentication. wh registry set now hash a --password option to directly set
    a safe password
  • A builtin webdesign No webdesign has been added for if you just want to upload a few HTML files without any design into the publisher
  • none is now an acceptable SameSite value in UpdateWebCookie. See also https://blog.chromium.org/2019/10/developers-get-ready-for-new.html
  • Added %ConvertContentTypes to convert between content types (eg to migrate old data or merge similar types)
  • New LetsEncrypt certificates can now be requested through the webserver application
  • HareScript error pages are only shown in the webdesign when the ‘etr’ debugflag is unset. Once you’ve enabled error tracing HareScript
    errors are hosted by the Tollium webinterface design, preventing truncation/overflow hiding (parts of) error messages.
  • Sites using <wrdauth> plugin automatically receive a wrdauth cell in their page witty data containing the WRDAuthPlugin::GetWittyData() information
  • RTD tables now support table cell level styling through <cellstyle>
  • Adds a standard [sitelanguage] to the pageconfig with a boolean for each language code supported in the assetpack, to determine
    which language code is currently active
  • <intextlink> now supports <linkhandlers>. You can pass these links through WebDesignBase::GetIntextlinkTarget to apply the same rewrites
    that you would apply to custom links in RTDs
  • /.px/ urls are now logged to a separate log file for easier analysis
  • Renamed ‘Raw HTML code’ to ‘HTML block’ which is more common name
  • WRD type members Enrich, GetEntityFields and GetEntityField, and WRD entity members GetField and GetFields now also support the cachettl option
  • Tabsextensions now receive their provided extended components as hatted properties, ie a tabsextension can now do ^contentdata->...
  • Compositions now support ‘virtual cells’ using %TolliumCompositionBase::RegisterVirtualCell - this allows eg. tabsextensions to capture
    set/gets to a composition (^contentdata->RegisterVirtualCell("datacell", PTR this->GetDataCell, PTR this->SetDataCell))
  • Adds wh rewrite which reformats XML files (and does some automatic conversions, such as editfragment= to editextension=)
  • HS error pages now have links leading you directly towards the proper editor location (assuming you have dev-agent properly set up)
  • requireversion= was unclear and had conflicting definitions when used on a module dependency. Switch to webhareversion=
    to match the WebHare version and moduleversion= to match a module version. Both expect a semver range

Things you should do

  • Set the flag webdesign->__anchor_experiment to opt into a simplified anchor model which doesn’t require you to hook GatherSuggestedAnchors
    to get anchors working in eg. subwidgets and custom filetypes. It also sets up anchors for form grouptitles.
    Feedback is welcome, if this new model works better than the current setup it might replace it completely.
  • WebHare allows you to configure automatic permanent deletion of files which should be used for eg. caches and backups containing potential
    sensitive data. See https://www.webhare.dev/manuals/security/sensitive-data/
  • Replace editfragment= with editextension=, especially for widgets that contain an intextlink.